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Multi-TeV and beyond :

SST sciences and the GCT project for the high energy section of CTA

Paris Observatory, Meudon, France

Nov. 30th – Dec. 2nd, 2015

The meeting is organized to mark the inauguration of the “GCT”, the Gamma-ray Cherenkov Telescope, with its camera. The GCT is a prototype Small Size Telescope (SST) for the high energy section of the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA).

Part of the meeting will be devoted to CTA science and recent advances in Very High Energy astrophysics, with an emphasis on the opening of the electromagnetic window up to energies of 300 TeV. The performance of the GCT and other SST prototypes and the development of the final telescope designs will be presented.

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SOC : D. Berge, J.-D. Dournaux, S. Funk, T. Greenshaw (co-chair), P. Laporte, H. Sol (co-chair), H. Tajima, R. White

LOC : O. Avci, C. Boisson, J.-D. Dournaux, J.-Y. Giot, P. Laporte, A. Le Guevellou, J.-M. Martin, N. Ollivier, M. Servillat, H. Sol, S. Vergani, A. Zech

Invited speakers : T. Bell, M. Bethermin, F. Combes, P. Coyle, M. Fairbairn, R. Fender, A. Goldwurm, M. Hendry, J. Hinton, W. Hofmann, J. Hörandel, R. Moderski, T. Montaruli, D. Mourard, G. Pareschi, F. Salesa, C. Townsley, V. Vassiliev, S. Vercellone, L. Vigroux

Programme : the programme may be found here :

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Most of the presentations are available below.

Registration : registration is open on the web at Please note that you must first fill the "pre-registration" form. You then receive an email and can complete the registration process. We would be grateful if you could register as soon as possible.

Fees : 75 € until November 20th 2015 (85 € thereafter). The fees cover coffee breaks, lunches and the shuttle bus from the train station “Bellevue” in Meudon to the Observatory.

Trains from Paris to Bellevue : the timetable for the trains from the Gare Montparnasse in Paris to the "Bellevue" station in Meudon may be found here :

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Final directions of the trains are respectively Sèvres-Rive Gauche, Versailles-Chantier, Plaisir-Grignon, Rambouillet and Mantes-la-Jolie for trains called SOPI, VOPI, GOPI, ROPO and MOPI (all of them stop at Bellevue). Traveling between Montparnasse and Bellevue takes about 13 minutes.

Access :

From Bellevue to the Observatory - Bus shuttle : Leave the station by the main exit. There will be a bus shuttle to the Observatory leaving Bellevue every morning at 08:50 am. The bus shuttle will go back to the Bellevue station from the Observatory every afternoon at 18:00 pm.

For those who prefer to walk, leave the station Bellevue by turning left, and take the avenue du Chateau, uphill. The Observatory pedestrian entrance is at the top of this avenue (about 10 minutes walk). Then follow the arrows to the conference room of the "Chateau" (building 9 of the Observatory). The map of the city of Meudon may be found here :

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and a map of the campus of the Meudon Observatory here :

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For those coming by car, vehicule access is at 11 avenue Marcelin Berthelot. Please send the license plate number of your car to in advance (if possible before November 26).

Inauguration : the inauguration will be held in Meudon on Tuesday December 1st (14:30-18:00). There are no fees for the inauguration, but please send a message to the organizers ( if you plan to come to the inauguration and not attend the rest of the meeting.
The inauguration (speeches and presentations) will be held at the amphitheater (building 18), starting at 14:30. After a tour of the telescope (at 16:00), the cocktail will be held in the hall Uranie (building 9).

Hotels :
Hotels close to Gare Montparnasse are more convenient if you plan to take the bus shuttle from the Bellevue station to the Observatory in Meudon.

Contact LOC : [>

Presentations during the meeting

-  The physics of cosmic acceleration, T. Bell

PowerPoint - 2.7 Mo

-  The CTA project, W. Hofmann

PDF - 8.7 Mo

-  CTA science at extreme energies, S. Vercellone

PDF - 24.9 Mo

-  Cosmic PeVatrons, J. Hinton

PDF - 35.6 Mo

-  The highest energy cosmic rays : status and future perspectives, J. Hörandel

PDF - 24.3 Mo

-  HAWC and large-field VHE gamma-ray detectors, P. Salesa Greus

PDF - 11 Mo

-  The status and future prospects for gravitational wave astronomy, M. Hendry

PDF - 2.9 Mo

-  Extragalactic science with CTA, A. Zech

PDF - 3.2 Mo

-  Extragalactic background lights, M. Bethermin

PDF - 2.5 Mo

-  Results from VHE neutrino detectors and prospects for neutrino astronomy in the next decade, P. Coyle

PDF - 9.1 Mo

-  Radio transients in the SKA era and synergies with CTA, R. Fender
-  CTA at Paranal in Chile, C. Townsley

PDF - 4.5 Mo

-  Fundamental Physics with CTA, M. Fairbairn

PDF - 4.8 Mo

-  High-Energy flows around massive black holes, F. Combes

PDF - 2.8 Mo

-  Schwarzschild-Couder telescopes for ground-based gamma-ray astronomy and the SCT project, V. Vassiliev
-  Simulations of SST arrays, R. Moderski

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-  The SST-1M project, T. Montaruli

PDF - 42.5 Mo

-  The ASTRI project, G. Pareschi

PDF - 11 Mo

-  Satellites observations in the CTA era and synergies with CTA, A. Goldwurm

PDF - 4 Mo

-  ASTRONET and science roadmaps, D. Mourard

Powerpoint - 3.3 Mo

-  The GCT telescope, J.-L. Dournaux

PDF - 3 Mo

-  The GCT camera, R. White
-  The GCT project, T. Greenshaw

PDF - 4.1 Mo

-  ESO and CTA, L. Vigroux
-  A shelter for the SSTs, J. Faveur & L.-M. Janny (Losberger)

PDF - 20.5 Mo


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PDF - 2.6 Mo

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Multi-TeV and beyond : SST sciences and the GCT project for the high energy section of CTA

Vendredi 16 octobre 2015, par Mathieu Servillat // Inauguration

A meeting on VHE gamma-ray astrophysics is organized to mark the inauguration of the GCT prototype for CTA. The meeting will be held from Nov 30th until Dec 2nd 2015 in Paris-Meudon. Registration is now open. You will find all the information at the web page : We look forward to seeing you soon in Meudon. Lire la suite »

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